Alexander Skrabl

Back and Front-End Developer


Born and bred in a small village near the Bavarian Alps in Germany, I am currently living on the outskirts of London UK, where I work as a web developer focusing on front-end development.

In my spare time you might find me in the climbing gym hanging off the bouldering wall or travelling the world with my camera capturing that special moment!
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What I do

Since the age of thirteen I have had an interest in web development and I'm constantly extending my skills. I've always been passionate about it and due to my creative side I always consider the finer details. I simply love what I do.

My core skills

  • JavaScript, ECMAScript 6
  • react.js, node.js
  • Java, PHP, MySQL
  • AWS, SilverStripe CMS, Symfony


I love travelling and exploring places, and whenever I get the chance to do that I take my camera with me!